Miljöpartiet vill utse en svensk ”fredsminister” som ska åka runt i världen och skapa fred i olika oroshärdar och dessutom fixa global nedrustning. Utnämnandet sägs skicka ”en kraftfull signal till omvärlden”.…

Meanwhile, at the Kremlin by the Red Square in Moscow…..

The russian foreign minister, Sergej Lavrov, storms, without even knocking, into the office of president Vladimir Vladimirovitj Putin. Red-faced from exhaustion he collapses in the visitor’s chair. Vladimir Putin looks up….

VLADIMIR PUTIN: My god, Sergej….what’s going on? You look like somebody has stolen all the vodka in your office cabinet……

SERGEJ LAVROV: No, no….it’s far worse than that….

VP: Worse? What can possibly be worse?

SL: We have just received alarming news from our embassy in Stockholm. The swedish government is about to appoint a MINISTER OF PEACE.

VP: A minister of peace?!?!?… must be joking?

SL: Unfortunately not. I’ve read the crypted message from our ambassador in Stockholm myself. Apparently the presentation of this new minister is imminent.

VP: I simply can not believe it! How the hell were we caught off-guard like this? After all we spend billions and billions of rubles every year on intelligence….

SL: Well, we knew that the Swedes consider themselves a ”humanitarian superpower” and morally superior to everyone else but we did not think that they would go as far as this….

VP: Well, what do we know? Who is the mastermind behind this?

SL: We know very little. Apparently, the swedes have a secret think-tank consisting of heavyweights and hardliners from the green party. According to our intelligence files, the swedish green party mainly consists of the usual lot of wishy-washy middle-class weltschmerz-rebels aloof from the real world – but there are other elements as well….

VP: Like what?

SL: A very strange mixture of rather extreme muslims and very loudmouthed and radical feminists.

VP: ????

SL: Some of their muslims refuse to shake hands with women while the feminist wing has been our back regarding rights for women and HBTQ-persons…..I know it sounds strange….but this is Sweden after all…..

VP: Hmmmmm… what do they hope to achieve with this Minister for Peace?

SL: To create world peace, they say.

VP: Sounds like they should start with their own party….any reactions from Washington yet? Berlin? Paris? Beijing? London? Jerusalem? Damaskus? The pope? I mean, this will go down in the history books as the day that changed geopolitics as we know it….

SL: No reactions yet, I suppose they are all still suffering from the same shock as we are….

To be continued…..(Cliffhanger)😃


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